PlayStation Firmware 4.0 Beta Available

With less than a few hours to go, Sony is set to release v4.0 firmware as a beta preview for PlayStation 4 owners, which includes a significant UI refresh. Pop-up notifications, new system icons and backgrounds, and a handful of other tweaks comes along with the new dashboard. The Quick Menu system has also been overhauled. It also won’t cover the whole screen any more, which was never very convenient. Hitting the Share button is less of a time-suck and has support for clips 140 seconds versus the previous 10 seconds. V4.0 is significant upgrade that emphasizes more on Trophies

What You Need to Know about Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since the release of Windows 10 to the public. As many would have expected, there would be updates, but most of them are only minor. Here’s what you need to know when August 2 hits (at least, the major stuff):   Security Features Let’s face it, hackers like to find vulnerabilities on computers to steal user data, especially on PCs. At the same time, if you think about it, at least a good portion (70 to 80 percent) of the market runs on Windows, so it comes as no surprise hackers want

Barn(E): The Electric Barn by Archisaurus Studios

Today is the big day. A team of Edmontonians and Calgarians are up at Cafe Mosaics for the grand opening of their new innovative architecture project. They seek to promote young architects while also serving great food. The grand opening starts at 4:00pm MST @ Cafe Mosaics in Edmonton, Alberta (10844 82 Avenue NW). In case you’ve missed it, here’s the Facebook blurb about their project: \  

Tesla Makes Offer to Acquire SolarCity

On Monday, Tesla made an offer to buy SolarCity, the solar-power company cofounded by Elon Musk, in hopes to bring together two parts of his larger plan to change how we as humans use energy. Musk, currently CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and a chairman of SolarCity, wants to remodel the idea of transportation using EVs without the dependence on Earth’s fossil fuels. If Earth is to end disastrously, Musk has his backup plan of making the human race multi-planetary. “Tesla customers can drive clean cars and they can use our battery packs to help consume energy more efficiently, but