Windows 10 Fixes for the Anniversary Update

There are many good reasons to update and upgrade to Windows 10 with its respective Anniversary Update, including new features in Cortana, Windows Ink, and others. But as expected, there were still some system bugs that ticked users off quite a bit like the occasional system crash, and users freezing up when logging in.

Good news: Microsoft has patched the freezing problem in an auto-update that came out August 31st. Users still experiencing the issue and can’t log in to download the update, there are two workarounds.

  1. If you have a second administrator account, log in with that to install the patch.
  2. If not, use the “go back” feature to uninstall the Anniversary Update to go back to Windows 10 vanilla; if you’re unsure how, check out Microsoft’s tech forum for step-by-step instructions. Then head to the operating system’s download page and click “Update Now.”

As for other patches, you’ll just have to wait (no freight; it’s just around the corner).

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