What You Need to Know about Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since the release of Windows 10 to the public. As many would have expected, there would be updates, but most of them are only minor. Here’s what you need to know when August 2 hits (at least, the major stuff):


Security Features

Let’s face it, hackers like to find vulnerabilities on computers to steal user data, especially on PCs. At the same time, if you think about it, at least a good portion (70 to 80 percent) of the market runs on Windows, so it comes as no surprise hackers want to get the most out of their dirty work without having to re-write a good portion of their malicious code to run on systems with other operating systems.

As such, Microsoft is now boasting the feature, Windows Hello, for apps and websites. Windows Hello supports biometrics, especially on Microsoft Edge, the revamped version of Internet Explorer. Windows Hello also gives you more choices for unlocking your PC without compromising your identity or information.

Updates to Windows Defender are also featured, including the option to automatically schedule periodic quick scans and provide notifications/summaries about the scans and threats found.

As for enterprise and business users, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) “detects, investigates, and responds to advanced malicious attacks on networks by providing a more comprehensive threat intelligence and attack detection”. Additionally, Windows Information Protection (formerly enterprise data protection) separates personal and organizational data.


Windows Ink

Previously, Windows Ink wasn’t really emphasized all that much. Yes, there are many touch-based devices out on the market, but Microsoft didn’t really take advantage of it, even with Windows 8.1; that is, not until Windows 10 was released. Now, instead of doing everything on the whiteboard, you can easily transcribe all your notes electronically via Microsoft’s new and improved Windows Ink. Major applications how feature ink-specific features, like handwriting in Office, annotations in Microsoft Edge, or drawing custom routes in Maps.



For all you Halo fans out there, Cortana is now on your PC… well, it always has been on Windows 10, except it’s getting some new features. Cortana is now available above your lock screen so you don’t necessarily need to unlock your PC before you can use it. It can also save and recall key information like where you parked at the airport. It will also help you keep visual reminders.


Microsoft Edge

Yes, I know. We all like using Firefox or Chrome. But this article’s about Windows 10 and its updates in its upcoming Anniversary Update.

Microsoft boasts a more power efficient Internet browser, Edge. Of course, it varies by user and machine. I’ll let the end results speak for themselves, but it seems like generally speaking, it’s not bad. Edge Extensions such as Pinterest’s “Pin It” button, Amazon Assistant, Adblock (Plus), and LastPass will also be available. A new accessibility architecture is now available to support modern web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and ARIA.


The full article on Windows 10’s anniversary updates and other new features can be found here: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2016/06/29/windows-10-anniversary-update-available-august-2/

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