Overwatch’s Sombra Mystery Appears to be Coming to a Close

Over at IGN, Vince Ingenito wrote, “Overwatch does a great many things well, but above all else, its success is built on the backs of its many excellent characters. It’s fitting that the main menu is dominated by one of them at all times; their diverse appearances, origins, and personalities are all laid bare with every pose they strike.” With it’s record-setting 7 million copies sold in the first week, Blizzard was not going to let the success of Overwatch taper down just yet. With the summer months coming to an end, we are finally given more hints and a step closer to the reveal of Sombra, the Spanish character whose name means “Shadow”. We were given intriguing clues on the Official Blizzard Forum that points towards the announcement of Sombra which gaming enthusiasts, specifically Overwatchers around the globe, have been anticipating. The final hint was posted on Battle.net by a mysterious user by the name of Skycoder which was quickly transmogrify into jumbled text with a blurred picture of another Overwatch hero Reaper (her associate).

The internet, especially fans on the Overwatch forum who could not hold their excitement after finding out that the thread posted functioned as a countdown which would have ended at 2:20pm Eastern Time. The text on the thread when converted, shows an image of a skull which is directly linked to Sombra. Later, another clue was revealed with the name “momentincrime” which returned the name of Sombra when clicked.

Update: When the countdown hit 2:20pm Eastern Time, fan expected a large amount of excitement with the revealing of Sombra. But instead, they got nothing of that sort or really, nothing at all.

Fans’ opinion on the let down and remaining mystery of Sombra stands divided. Some have found it to be a large disappointment and others feel it may lead to better character development of Sombra with the hint and extended  time devoted to her. Many have taken to Reddit, Tumblr, and Battle.net to share their thoughts of both joy and extreme displeasure.

Hoping to hear more about Sombra in the coming weeks and hopefully it will not be a bust. In the meantime, enjoy Overwatch and be sure to check back for any updates we will come across.

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