When writing articles at Dragoon Productions, it is our duty to provide the most accurate and informative information possible at all times. From inception, this page and its respective information has gone through multiple revisions in our continued effort to improve the quality of Dragoon Productions. We take great pride in ensuring our articles are factual and objectively written to the best of our abilities. Additionally, we strive to maintain a long-term and healthy working relationship with our readers and affiliated companies. As such, this helps keep us accountable to our high standards in providing the best content to the public.


I. Readers

We promise unbiased reviews and objective news reports. We abide by an ethical standard, with each article written from a consumer point of view. If it is a good game or news item, we will recommend and talk about it regardless of who produced, developed, or published it. If it is something that we believe is not appealing, that will we not purchase ourselves, or not hold to high value, we definitely will not recommend them. It’s as simple as that. The company can be the greatest hit in its market, or it can even be the little guy — but this will not have any effect on the rating of their products or have a biased/skewed perspective about it.

We will do our best to provide the most accurate review and/or report, and address every aspect of the game or news item we are reviewing/reporting on that we believe is important to the consumer for an informed decision. But we do not just write boring old articles. We believe reviews should retain a high standard of quality from the beginning to the end, easy to understand yet technically sound, and enjoyable to read.

In respect to games, it is Dragoon Productions’ normal practice to retain games sent to us by companies for future reference purposes. The idea that exists behind this is that there may be significant patches for new features, bug/issue fixes, or other improvements which may alter the gameplay experience, and certain games can only apply such fixes only if the product is in our possession, such as console- and computer-based games. Exclusions to this rule would include digital downloads or similar, in which patches are readily available for download without the need of the physical copy of the game. We understand that some publications returns and/or gives away products after finishing their editorial to ‘prove’ that they are clean from unfair practices. From time to time, we replay games as benchmark programs changes, or that new insights or opinions that were previously unknown or undiscovered to us appears, prompting us to replay the games for newer, updated, and more accurate results. This is only possible if we retain the products; and we take pride in every written article for its legitimacy and quality to our best effort. The same rule applies to reporting on news items, as news updates change, or may be misunderstood/misinterpreted in some way. In that case, news articles will be updated accordingly to reflect accurate and factual information to our readers. We are confident that Dragoon Productions readers are knowledgeable and informed individuals and can testify the quality of each Dragoon Productions review and report, as we are ultimately held responsible to the readers and not the companies. We do not need artificial policies as a way to ‘prove’ that our reviews and reports are legitimate.

For this reason, it has led many to believe that review samples sent to Dragoon Productions or reports written about products or other news items are ‘free’. While on paper that there are absolutely no monetary exchanges between Dragoon Productions and the company for the purpose of the review or report, we would not consider anything to be ‘free’. On each review and report, it takes a minimum of 5 hours to take the article to completion, and up to 30 or more hours on certain games or news items. This is usually done over 3-4 week’s time, from physically playing the game or reporting/interviewing people to the actual written and analytical phase. The amount of work put into each review should not and would not be deemed as receiving a ‘free’ product, because countless hours of work and effort are put into it. Additionally, we are free to criticize each product without reserve or have strong opinions towards a certain view. We are okay if companies refuse to work with us in the future due of a negative review. Consider this — if you work, you get paid. The money you receive is not ‘free money’ because one has worked for it. We take ‘receiving free products’ seriously, because we take reviewing seriously. There are no ‘free’ things in this world, and we are no different. At the same time, we do not simply write a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ review simply because we feel like it. As mentioned above, we are ultimately accountable to the readers, so writing a review and/or report in the most objective and unbiased manner is part of our mandate.

The primary aim of our reviews and reports are written from a consumer-centric point of view. We often ask ourselves, “Who is the intended consumer, and what would the consumer look for in such a game or news article?” Based on this, we attempt to provide the reader as much information to the best of our ability in order to complete the conclusion in their head — therefore, in return, making an informed and correct decision, whether it be a buying decision or and objective view on the issue at hand. We have formulated this because we are consumers, too; we read reviews and reports from other sites as well — and we make purchase decisions ourselves. For this reason, we also believe every review and report must be written ethically. There are many legitimate review and news sites in which we respect and often visit for accurate opinions. Being that, we’ve also seen many so-called ‘review and news sites’ as well who are the ones looking for the ‘free stuff’, and writes their articles that are no different from an advertisement. We believe this sort of reviews published are derogatory to legitimate reviewers and review sites, reporters and news sites, an extent of consumer scam, as well as unethical practice. We take great pride in our reviews and reports, and we would not let ourselves be classified as what we hold no respect for.

We keep advertising and company affiliations entirely separate from our review ratings. Who the company is, how they work with us, and what they do has absolutely zero influence on our articles and product ratings. This is essential to the primary ethical standard of reviews and reports in general. The affiliated or advertising company will gain no advantages to any extent; in which we recommend products based on only the products itself, the formulated opinions and points of view, and how well it accommodates its intended market.

We will not accept any form of ‘bribes’ or illegitimate benefits from any parties.

In the rare occasion that the reader thinks we have made an unfair or somehow biased review or report, we highly encourage the reader contact us and give us your thoughts and opinions. This is the best way to improve and update our reviews and reports, because it is our intention to do so. We want a close relationship with all our readers and stick as close as possible to our reviewing/reporting philosophy as stated above.

We work hard to make our reviews and reports as error free as possible. We also love feedback and recommendations from our readers. Please send us an email and give us your thoughts! Your compliments will encourage us and your constructive criticisms will help us improve.

II. Companies

If you received an email requesting a review game, please make sure the email is from Preston Yuen and originates from preston dot yuen at (the domain name of this site); substitute at with @ (to prevent spam), dot with . , and the domain name of this site is ‘’. We will not be held responsible if it was a fake request from anyone else, and that they walk away with the products and to be never heard from again. The same applies for any type of negative report written about your company, products, or ideas.

Our commitment is to review a product or report on a news item in a fair and objective manner, therefore we do not guarantee a positive rating or opinions on any products or news items. If it’s a deserving product or news item, it will get a positive rating or feedback; while the reciprocal will receive a corresponding review/report.

Please allow a reasonable amount of time for us to review your product(s) or report on the news items to ensure a quality review/report. Because of the amount of products and news items we review and report on, please allow up to four (4) weeks for review completion and one (1) week for report completion (a majority of the time, it will be less than that). We will communicate with you and make sure you’ll know approximately when the review or report will be published.

All reviews will automatically go fully public based on our regular publication schedule, unless a preview is specifically requested ahead of time. We will always try our best to accommodate your request. Promoted appearance of the article on Dragoon Productions’ front page goes by default. The manufacturer or company is free to respond to the article at any time, and any inaccuracies found will be updated accordingly.

Unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand and clearly stated in our emails exchanges prior to sending us the review units, all product samples sent to us for review will automatically become property of Dragoon Productions. We cannot send the reviewed product back to your company if it is not agreed before shipment that it must be returned. We’ll need to keep your product(s) for future review references to enhance our overall review quality to the reader and improve the accuracy of our articles. It will be nearly impossible if we cannot keep your product(s) for use with future reference — this will definitely lower the quality of our reviews, and our main goal is to maximize the quality of our reviews as part of our review philosophy. If agreed upon beforehand in our email exchanges prior to sending us the product(s) that the product(s) needs to be returned, you must agree to pay for the shipping back to your company.

At certain times, we may give away certain review units as prizes and/or promotional purposes if deemed not needed for future reference. This is what we believe is a mutual opportunity in benefiting Dragoon Productions as well as the manufacturer for marketing purposes. Additionally, we may sell the products after a period of time if deemed unnecessary for future references to cover the high running costs of Dragoon Productions and pay for the associated costs. It will also allow us to create more room for our review unit inventory.

For all cross-border shipment, due to customs regulations, you must mark your review unit below $20 USD (depending on carrier, but this is acceptable for UPS, FedEx, and DHL) as well as declaring as ‘Commercial Sample — No commercial value — Value declared for customs purposes only’ to avoid tax and/or brokerage fees. If it is a requirement to mark above a certain amount, your company must agree to pay any taxes and/or brokerages as we will not review any product with the balance unpaid. Please contact your shipping company for more information in regards to this.

Every manufacturer or company that provides us with review samples and permits us to retain it for future reference purposes will be linked to by us on our ‘affiliates‘ page. This is our way in appreciating your support for our philosophy and making our reviews possible.

As stated in our Copyright section, you may quote a section of our review onto your website, and if your product received an award, you may use the award image on your site as well. If you wish to use it for print or any other purposes, please let us know beforehand — we would normally agree, we just want to know what it’s used for because we are always excited to see our images appear on products.

We accept absolutely no money or otherwise beneficial compensations in exchange for our reviews or recommendation (including online forums). This is unethical practice; we recommend based solely on the product’s positive and/or appropriate attributes in the proper occasion.

We rate products by appearance, gameplay, interface, and other such attributes in accordance with their respective genre. The best way to ‘convince’ us to give you a better rating on your product is to make a better! We do not and will not bias against or for your company in any shape, way or form. Just because you aren’t as big or as famous as this or that manufacturer doesn’t mean you’ll get an unfair disadvantage nor advantage in the review of your product. If your product is truly a good product, we will give it the proper rating it deserves. As for our formulated opinions on news items, they are based on impact on consumers, the affect on others, possible market fluctuations, and public point-of-view, and the same idea applies. If there are any misunderstandings that may have been in our reviews, contact us immediately.

As Dragoon Productions is costly to run and maintain, advertising is one of our primary revenue sources besides financial support from our readers through donations. However, sponsored advertisements and/or banners have zero effect on our published articles — the advertising dollars are paid for the promotion brought by the banner ads, and not our editorial articles. We take each article we publish seriously and with great pride in the quality of each, without unfair recommendations or bias.

So what if your company’s product got a negative review? Please do not be discouraged. We may have overlooked certain aspects, so please do let us know. Our aim is to help you in improving the product as well. When we get a good product from your company, then we’ll give the rating that accurately reflects its excellence. We always like to provide suggestions and work with manufacturers and designers to improve their products.

Are you a company that wants to get your product(s) reviewed or want to spread the news? Please don’t hesitate; contact us immediately!


Dragoon Productions reviews games based on a numbering system from 1 to 10, with half point intervals, where 1 represents an unacceptable game and 10 represents an awesome game. Below describes what each number means. It should be relatively straightforward for most people to understand.

We do not predetermine scores ahead of time. Reviews must be written by the individual and finalized by the team before we determine an appropriate score. This will help us write articles that is as unbiased and accurate as possible, as per our ethical standards mentioned above, which in turn gives our readers an objective perspective of the product we are reviewing. If there are any oversights, inaccuracies, or other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


10: A score of 10 is the highest rating we give. It represents a whole new level of gaming in which few developers are able to achieve, no pun intended. These are the must-have games, and you probably would not second question obtaining the deluxe versions. However, this does not mean the game is “perfect”. If it was, there wouldn’t be innovation in the video game industry.

9: A 9 represents an exceptional game, and although they may not be overly creative or innovative in creating the game’s content, there is still a good amount of it evident in its gameplay. There are next to no complaints, if any, about gameplay, visualizations, charactacter development, etc.

8: 8s are great games, and easily recommendable without much hesitation. They have a consistently good storyline, visual appeal, soundtrack, and well-developed gameplay throughout the entire game. These games deserved to be played and remembered, even though there may be even better ones out there.

7: 7 represents good games that may have good storyline, visual appeal, soundtrack, and other factors that make up the game, but they also have the big “but.” The developer of the game may have good game mechanics and/or ideas, but they usually do not take it to the next level. Even if they do, the amount of additional creativity and innovation in the overall design and gameplay is limited.

6: 6s mean the game has some parts that are worth noting, but have an uneven gameplay, visual appeal, and/or concepts. Interested players should do at least some research into the game and know what they are up against before dedicating time or other resources to it.

5: 5-rated games represent something that has the same amount of enjoyment as frustration in gameplay. Nothing truly stands out; just another game to add to the list.

4: 4s lack in at least one of the following categories: gameplay, design, creativity, storyline, or concepts/ideas; or it lacks evenly in all categories.

3: 3-rated games fail in at least two or three of the following categories: gameplay, design, creativity, storyline, or concepts/ideas; or barely meets even the functional level of what most people define as a game.

2: A 2 is the lowest score assigned playable, yet dysfunctional game. Only a die heart and motivated fanatic player would be able to even finish the game with the minimal objectives met.

1: 1s mean the game is beyond playable. One would consider and question whether the game is still in its alpha stage, even though it may be published.