Everything is Permitted: Thoughts on Final Fantasy XV—Assassin’s Creed Festival

Nothing is True Can I say how amazing it is to have this kind of crossover in our current age of media? A crossover of two hugely popular franchises like Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed seems improbable. Square Enix’s announcement of the DLC blindsided all of us, but the collaboration wasn’t entirely foreign. In the past crossovers between franchises have been limited to downloadable skins and costumes (like the Ezio Auditore costume packs available for FFXIII-2). To have a fully fleshed-out DLC with a story is nothing short of miraculous. This is the sort of crossover that only exists in

Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light

A Relationship Reborn Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light questions the mechanics of a relationship. How do you typically define a relationship? Is it the amount of time you physically spend with someone? The number of times you call or text someone? In Netflix’s new dramedy, Akio wants to connect to his estranged father. Even though they see each other every day, they don’t really speak much to each other. They occupy the same space without really having any interaction. Breakfast and dinners are passed in silence and incredible awkwardness. (I’m sure some of us can say the same thing

The Sky Belongs to No One

Full disclosure: I’m playing No Man’s Sky for the first time. I know all about the backlash over how when it was released it was a supposed train wreck. What I’m playing now is the Atlas Rising update, a version of the game that better resembles what was initially advertised. I’m also playing it while reading Death’s End, the third book in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy, and watching reruns of Star Trek Voyager. I am in exploring outer space mode. I am deep in the desolation and isolation of space. Stardate 45040.3 (Or Am I in the Wrong

Fast Forwarding through Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

I’ve played FFXII three times in my life. The first time was in the summer of 2008. It was in between semesters at college, and I had about a month of free time before classes began again. I bought a used PS2, and while everyone was making the transition into the PS3 generation, I was reliving the classics on PS2. That summer I bought FFX, FFXII and their matching strategy guides. One of my roommates had never played an RPG before, let alone a FF game. The first time he walked into the living room while I was playing FFXII