Dragoon Productions is a Canadian company based in Calgary, AB. We are very passionate about developing new games and are progressing on our first title. In order to create the games everyone loves, we play many titles in multiple categories. This is so that our insight would not be limited to a small audience but would enable us to create something that appeals to everyone, regardless if you are a fan of either the PC or console.

Did we play a lot of games? You can count on that. Was it considered wasted time? Depends on your perspective. Regardless, everyone needs a break at one point or another. As such, Dragoon Productions aims to review and develop games that all players enjoy. If you don’t want to waste time playing a game, or if you are unsure if a certain game is worth playing, you can count on us to give you valuable feedback. With a number of years under our belt in playing many games, we also hope to develop games that are both satisfying and worth your time to play.